LUMEN Proceedings started its activity in 2010, with the mission to provide professional publishing for scientific conferences.

Lumen Proceedings (Online) = ISSN 2601-2529 ISSN-L 2601-2510 was inscribed in the ROAD catalog (, an international catalog of open-access scientific publications, administered by the International ISSN Center, under the auspices of UNESCO.

The LUMEN Proceedings series publish both theoretical and research works with the objective of contributing to a greater understanding and development of the research topics we aim at bringing new knowledge in.

LUMEN Proceedings series publish edited volumes based on the outcomes of scientific conferences.

In order to be eligible for publication in the LUMEN Proceedings authors are expected to submit a full-length manuscript (5 pages minimum to 10 pages maximum, Garamond 12, 1.00 spacing) for consideration by the Conference Chair/Editors who may require manuscript revision before approving publication and reserve the right to reject for publication any paper that does not meet acceptable standards for a scientific publication.

All papers submitted for publication within LUMEN proceedings will be subject to peer review evaluation under the Conference Chair responsibility. Conference Chair will send us the manuscripts after a similarity check with other sources will be performed. Where the case, LUMEN reserve its right to organize another check of the manuscripts if suspicions of scientific errors will be obvious from text, the technical representation of references system is not appropriate managed and other technical aspects needed.

In addition, a similarity check with other online sources will be undertaken by the LUMEN Editor in charge with the proceedings volume.

Conference Chair/Editors' decisions on the publication status of a manuscript is final.

Only papers presented at the conference and received according to publication guidelines and timelines will be published in the LUMEN.

LUMEN Proceedings Series is the Proceedings devision of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , which started its activity in 2010 also within the book publishing activity, but distinct from the one of publishing treatises, courses and monographs, following the numerous requests of conferences organizers to publish the results of their scientific conferences, and it is a book series oriented exclusively towards publication of papers resulted from scientific conferences. 

LUMEN Scientific Publishing House coordinates its activity with LUMEN RESEARCH CENTER IN SOCIAL AND HUMANISTIC SCIENCES (established since 2009), as a private research structure certified by A.N.C.S. LUMEN Scientific Publishing House collaborates closely with the LUMEN CONFERENCE CENTER (which has been operating since 2010), as a distinct structure of the LUMEN Association, supporting through editorial activity the events organized by LUMEN Conference Center and LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, as well as the partners of these structures. The commercial activity of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , including book distribution, participation in fairs and exhibitions, organization of its own physical and virtual bookstores or establishment of partnership agreements or book distribution agreements was carried out, starting with 2004, through SC LUMEN Media SRL (which during 2004-2005 was called SC SRL), and currently it is done through the sales department of SC LUMEN Media S.R.L. and LUMEN Media Ltd. Through LUMEN TRAINING CENTER (whose activity began in 2009), that, in addition to the specific activity of this center, also organizes courses, tutorials and educational events aimed at the field of editorial ethics and publication ethics, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House has established itself on the scientific market not only as a scientific publishing house, but also as a model of good practices in publication and as a promoter of ethical practices in research and publication.