Study on Motric Activity in the Life of Children with Disabilities

  • Alina Ionela Cucui Associate Professor PhD Alina Ionela Cucui, "Valahia" University – Targoviste
Keywords: children, disabilities, motor activity


Children and adolescents with Down syndrome have a range of physical problems and difficulties that can affect their motor development and implicitly social integration. The physical development of children with Down syndrome is often slower. Despite this leaner, children with Down syndrome may participate in sports activities, they will take more time to do some things, but eventually they can do most of them.

Cognitive problems - thinking and learning - are characteristic of people with Down syndrome and are usually moderate. Cognitive and behavioral problems include: attention deficit, impulsive behavior, slow learning and speech retardation.

People with Down syndrome have a certain degree of difficulty. The degree of disability differs from one person to another and it is impossible to appreciate at the moment of birth how severe it will be. Therefore, it is important for these people to participate in various programs aimed at facilitating the development of motor skills, cognitive and social-emotional development.

This research highlights the importance of adapted sports activities, aims to promote the necessary and useful practices in the lives of children and adolescents with Down syndrome. Approved sports programs are considered to offer learning opportunities to help people with Down syndrome overcome barriers to becoming a physically and socially educated person.

The aim of the research is to identify sporting activities that generate progress in the physical development of children with disabilities, cognitive and social-emotional development.  


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