Progressing, Individualizing and Monitoring of the Students’ Learning. Tools and Methodological Benchmarks

  • Carmen Alexandrache University ”Dunărea de Jos” of Galati
Keywords: Learning Tools, responsibility, individual progress, reflection, adapting education


Our study starts from the premise that knowing particular characteristic of each student is a better way to develop own his personality. But, using the modern learning strategies that are centered on the student is not enough for it. On the other hand, using them is very possible to neglect the registration of the real progress of student learning. In this respect, we propose some education modalities which are able to develop learning individualized and to monitor the progress of student learning in the higher education. These methodological aspects are presented from a permanent education perspective. Additionally, for a learning performance enhancement. we propose a few efficiency monitoring tools of students learning . We will focus on the importance cultivating the student’s responsibility in own professional training, also in own learning progress. For this reason, we consider that for individualizing and monitoring of learning process it is better to use some reflection and evaluation tools in the learning activities.


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