The Development of the Mountain Tourism Services in Romania –the Macroeconomic Implications and Strategic Perspectives

  • Maria-Cristina Stefan Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania
  • Violeta Andreea Andreiana Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania
  • Mariana Vlad Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania
Keywords: mountain tourism, services, sustainable development, strategy, macroeconomic implications


Through this paper we intend to highlight the necessity of the development of the tertiary sector in Romania, and within it the tourism services specific to the mountain areas. The mountain was and represents for the modern man a special attraction throughout the year. Mountain tourism enjoys international recognition because it has been found that there is a great interest of the world’s population in visiting mountain regions, plus the world dimensions of mountain areas; 24% of the Earth’s surface is occupied by mountainous regions, where a population of 12% of the world’s population lives, and an additional 14% of the world’s population is at the contact of mountainous regions with neighboring regions [4]. In this context, we have proposed to develop the strategy for the development of mountain tourism services in Romania, starting from the concept of sustainable development that implies the balance between economic growth and preservation of the natural environment. The purpose of developing the development strategy is to capitalize on natural heritage, to identify solutions for the problems faced by our country in the field of tourism services and, at the same time, to develop mountain tourism in Romania. The objective of the strategy is to identify ways to develop mountain tourism services in Romania.



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