Management of Institutional Development Project

  • Georgiana Florența Onişoru Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania
  • Daniela Dragomir
  • Mariana Leafu
Keywords: management, project, education, strategy, development


Today, management is primarily designed and practiced as an organization of change and innovation, efficiency, and even quality and excellence. This diversification implies not only managerial professionalization, but also effective leadership tools. Such an instrument for educational institutions is the Institutional Development Project. The Institutional Development Project focuses on the functional areas of management (curriculum, human resources, material and financial resources, community and partnership relationships) and projects future work on the basis of clear milestones, objectives that can be measured, measured. These come from the reality found at the level of the unit, capitalize on human resources, respond to the interests of training, education, training of the becoming personalities. The advantage of the institutional project is to identify the organization's core issues that are important to its development policy. The identity of the project is generated by careful analysis of the institution's own problems and the specific solutions adopted to solve them.


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