Addressing the Acceptance of Students 'Studies in Other Countries in the Context of National Policies and Security Strategies

  • Casen Panaitescu Petroleum-Gas University of Ploieşti, Romania, Ploiesti, Romania
Keywords: Students, security, international relations, strategies


Access to education outside applicants' country of origin has increased in recent years for some countries, but has also created numerous barriers for others. Thus, for certain specializations, age groups have become representative. Countries with lower taxes and engineering specialties sought on the labor market have applicants from the age group 25-34 years. The other developed countries have a higher proportion of older students in MA and other postgraduate studies, including doctorate. Such countries are Australia, Germany, the Netherlands.

The Participation of foreign students in the education system does not take into account the traditional view. Thus, in this paper, a non-random component was developed that uses two tools as evaluation tools: state laws where the prospective student applies and proximity to the applicant's university.


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