The Possibility of Meeting University Studies by Migrants

  • Casen Panaitescu Petroleum-Gas University of Ploieşti, Romania, Ploiesti, Romania
Keywords: Integration policies, international relations, migration


Effective integration policies must be considered as a priority on the migration agenda of any government, regardless of whether migrants are temporarily staying or permanently settling in the country. Integration is essential for all stakeholders to benefit from migration and the contribution it brings to the security, prosperity and stability of society.
Addressing the role of online socialization platforms in the mobility period knows in the literature a duality of experts' opinions. That is why the present work focuses on the advantages of socializing in the virtual environment, in the sense that these interactions facilitate the integration in the new academic environment and overcome the cultural shock, against the voices who believe that the use of these instruments favors the phenomena of loneliness, social anxiety, etc.


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