The Importance of Management and Communication in School Units

  • Timeea-Alexandra D. Simionescu (Savu) University of ‘Valahia’, Romania
  • Doina Todorut University of ‘Valahia’, Targoviste, Romania
Keywords: Management, leader, communication, decisions, school performance


The purpose of this article is to recognize the importance of communication in the management of the school organization, being in a continuous changing. The need to adjust at this changings of the entire educational system, and also of the school organization, represents a topical subject of the research in the literature. Leadership is now an attribute desired/ demanded also by the school organization, to their directors. In this context, the leaders have self-confidence generating trust to others. Around true leaders, employees feel prepared, appreciated and work with enthusiasm. Leadership is connected with the power to influence the human’s behavior. The way to determine the human resources to understand the need of changing, can be implemented only by means of a leader, who appreciate and understand the need for adjust and change, use an optimal process of communication, generating unity in making decisions.

Author Biographies

Timeea-Alexandra D. Simionescu (Savu), University of ‘Valahia’, Romania

PhD student University of ‘Valahia’, Romania

Doina Todorut, University of ‘Valahia’, Targoviste, Romania

PhD student University of ‘Valahia’, Romania, Targoviste


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