Sustainable Development as a Basic Concept Development of Cities

  • Vinko Kandzija ECSA BIH, Mostar
  • Ivan Tolic Zagreb School of Business
  • Predrag Cudina Zagreb School of Business
Keywords: sustainable development, resources, development policy, civil society, networking, local governments, structural funds


The development of cities by their volume and dynamics generated many conflicting places in both conceptual as well as in the implementation part. The sensibility of our time, public sensitivity to the quality of life and environmental quality required in consideration of development concepts for the new approaches. A special dimension to the issue of giving and awareness of the scarcity of resources. The doctrine of sustainable development manifests itself as an epoch-making, and the only way out of the above dilemma. Dimensions that reflect doctrines are improving urban infrastructure and urban infrastructure, support the development of social services and civil society, support local development, energy efficient development - reducing CO2 emissions, preservation and development of cultural heritage, sustainable transport and networking, development cooperation, improving governance. It is necessary to find an answer to the growing needs of urban communities and local governments to take over the role of the driver of economic activity in their communities, organizers of social inclusion and advocate of environmental protection and the fight against climate change. In times of reduced fiscal capacity and growing obligations, the EU structural funds and investment funds are proving to be an important and accessible source of funding for a range of public needs at the local level.

Author Biographies

Vinko Kandzija, ECSA BIH, Mostar

ECSA BIH, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ivan Tolic, Zagreb School of Business

Zagreb School of Business, Zagreb, Croatia

Predrag Cudina, Zagreb School of Business

Zagreb School of Business, Zagreb, Croatia


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