Using the Multidimensional Data Models for Forecasting, Calculation and Cost Analysis

  • Cezarina Adina Tofan University of Pitesti
Keywords: decision-making, data models, cost analysis, information system, OLAP analysis


A step forward for intelligent decision-making systems is the use of models that take into account the specificities of decision-making processes and analysis criteria and build the decision-making variants that are evaluated and presented to the decision-makers. This involves analytical knowledge of the decision-making mechanism to identify the elements involved in the decision-making process, the links between them and the interdependencies with the decisional environment, as well as the laws, the criteria on which the act of the proper election is conducted. It is needed such a comprehensive perspective on the decision-making mechanism to understand that the decision is not a singular act of a simple choice of two or more alternatives, it is an act with a thorough informational foundation. The complex foundation of the decision-making process must start with the analysis of the objectives and their correlation with the resources, so only we can reach the intuition and formulation of the decisional problem, which is the first stage of modelling the decision-making process.

Author Biography

Cezarina Adina Tofan, University of Pitesti

University of Pitesti, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Management, Târgul din Vale 1, Pitesti 110040, Romania


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