Business Ethics in the Time of Covid-19

  • R. Edward Freeman University of Virginia, USA
Keywords: Stakeholder theory, Ethics, Business Ethics, Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for business ethics to further redefine itself and develop the project of a new narrative about business. To take advantage of this opportunity business ethicists have to become more involved in the actual business models that are being developed. And as academics we must commit to the idea of making business better.

Author Biography

R. Edward Freeman, University of Virginia, USA

University Professor, University of Virginia, USA


Freeman, ER, Parmar BL, Martin K. The Power of And: Responsible Business Without Tradeoffs. Columbia: Business School Press; 2020.

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Freeman, R. E. (2020). Business Ethics in the Time of Covid-19. LUMEN Proceedings, 11, 01-03.