Ethics in Romanian Public Administration

  • Marius Nita Valahia University from Targoviste, Romania
Keywords: moral, individual, ethics, ethical theories, ethical management, ethical organizations


Ordinary people sometimes make immoral actions. Often, the answer can be given by the lack of relevant knowledge. They simply do not know that by their action they violate a rule or a moral requirement. Unfortunately, this is not the most common situation. The morality deficit is not mainly caused by a lack of knowledge. If that were the case, the problem would be solved simply by accessing the information or attending a course. Often, when people don't do what they should do morally, the explanation lies in the lack of motivation rather than in that of knowledge. When we talk about organizations, fairness is the fundamental virtue of public administration in ethical ethics which argue that what is morally correct is a priority over what is right. The integrity, rightly, transparency, and accountability of public administrations are basic requirements for a public trust, as a keystone of good governance. As with any other professional activity, ethical behavior in the civil service is promoted both through legal rules and through ethical standards that underpin and, at the same time, go beyond the legal requirements. The paper presented is a study that established the real level of ethics in our public administration based on the results obtained through a focus some important central and local public organization. This identification and interpretation of the organizational ethical concept was made to emphasize its importance in establishing the role of applied ethics, in the development and performance of a public organization.


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