Concentration Time Values in Men’s +105 Kg Top-Class Weightlifting Competitions

  • Daniel Constantin Murărețu National University of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest
  • Ana-Maria Șuruba-Rusen (Vasiliu) National University of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest
  • Răzvan-Liviu Petre National University of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest
  • Marian Daniel Teodoru National University of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest
Keywords: attention, performance weightlifting, imaging technique, concentration time


Sports, this omnipresent phenomenon, is likely to ensure only the physical and mental health of a member society, there are also new ways of socialization and personal capitalization. The current level of performance on dumbbells (with all the changes as a rule) are established advanced technologies for lifting dumbbells, training methods, but also an increasingly important contribution to scientific research brought by various schools with traditions in this field. Our study presents an analysis of weightlifters (of different genres and categories, respectively) regarding certain moments that refer to the analysis of the attention orientation times that characterize the dumbbell lifting styles. The present research consists in the use of imaging techniques. The technology used provides the data needed for research. Data processing is provided by the components of the technology used.At the start of the competition, in the final of the + 105kg category, which targeted our research, eight international competitors lined up:from Ukraine the winner and the youngest in the category with 203kg., Hungary, Poland, the dean of age of the meeting 32 years, Germany, the 3rd place occupant, with a performance of 190 kg. in the snatch style, the Czech Republic, Armenia and Russia with two representatives, one of them taking second place on the award podium with 193 kg lifted. Among the most important aspects that can result from our research we can highlight the average time of concentration (attention)at the level of the three regulatory tests which is 12. 96 seconds; averages of the concentration times for each test, the ratio between the weight of the dumbbell and the concentration time. 


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