Correlations between the Coordinating Capacities and the Technical Parameters at the Level of the Handball Teams (Junior III)

  • Madalina-Gabriela Postelnicu Secondary school no. 1 Tulucesti, Galati
  • Ion Mihaila University of Pitesti, Pitesti
Keywords: handball, coordinating capacities, technical training, correlation coefficient, junior III


Nowadays, the characteristics of the modern handball game impose the part of the young practitioners the possession of a really rich motor-technical stock and the quickly adaptation to the encounter of unforeseen situations during the game in order to efficiently achieve the gaming tasks. The purpose of this study is to determinate the relationships between the coordinating capacities and the technical parameters of the handball players. In this regard, the research was carried out on a group of athletes aged between 13-14 years, within the Handball Sports Club-ART Galati. Athletes have been tested in terms of coordination skills and technical training. To evaluate the influence of the coordinating capabilities on the technique and vice versa, we chose the calculation of the Pearson correlation coefficient r. Based on the results obtained, r has values ​​between 30% and 89% in 20 calculated correlations, which proves the existence of a connection between the two variables. We can say that the development of coordination capacities at this age echelon is a priority factor in learning and strengthening the specific elements and techniques of handball. Thus, it is advisable to use various methodical procedures in the training process that lead to the development of this psychomotor quality. At the same time, in selecting the means of action for the development of coordination capacities, one has to take into account the particularities of the age, the level of training and the training period.


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