A Delicate Balance: Transparency and Privacy in State of Emergency

  • Raluca Onufreiciuc Phd candidate University of Bucharest and University of A Coruna, Bucharest
Keywords: transparency, digital dividend, right to privacy, state of emergency, government response, flexibility clauses, economic challenges


Privacy and transparency are not mutually exclusive, but rather two sides of the same coin. The principle of transparency plays an essential role in encouraging citizens to participate actively in the democratic life of the European Union and the right to privacy is a constitutional right which is guaranteed for everyone in what regards personal or professional life.

In a state of emergency case, the need for transparency in decision making and accountability are essential to increase public trust and clarity in government actions and measures. In terms of enhanced protection of personal data, it is of ultimate importance to differentiate between how government can use public health data and how employers can contribute to a vital public health cause. In this context, identifying and analyzing the proper mechanisms and adequate methods that can be used, are a necessity and can play a crucial role in dealing with future challenges and changes in the public or private space.



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