Social Responsibility while Pandemic

  • Angela Luminița Moldovan Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania
  • Liliana Peter Valahia University of Târgoviște, România
Keywords: social responsibility, pandemic, population


While there is a pandemic the population awaits the most measures to be taken by the authorities. The authorities make certain political and economic calculations and intervene either with delay, or even not at all. The confuse situation emerges because of incompetence, unconsciousness and ignorance.

            Where the authorities do not succeed, the NGOs, the mass-media, the brands or associations and foundations step in and try to troubleshoot the problems. All the attention must be directed to the healthcare system through material, financial and spiritual support. Every person who wishes to help has different priorities determined by their life experiences. Empathy and compassion represents the motivation for a socially responsible behavior.

            We can never be prepared enough to efficiently manage an eventual pandemic, but the more we manifest this socially responsible behavior, the more we realize how good it is to us and we will try to act more often in the society.


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