The Philosophy of Facebook Privacy

  • Andreea Anișoara Bondar Drd, Universitatea Ștefan cel Mare, Suceava, România
  • Olivia Macovei Drd, Universitatea Ștefan cel Mare , Suceava, România
Keywords: Facebook; confidentiality; philosophy and communication; identity


Nowadays, the facebook network won a lot of users , thus, the interaction between these people is carried out without taking into account the privacy of each actor in the online scene of the communicational platform. New generation considers normal to expose your personal details on the facebook page, the mentality has changed and we adapt to it without thinking about its meaning.Our lives have no meaning outside of the experience, but, it is based on experience, in this case what we are currently working online it can show us who we actually are or who we want to be.Our actions in the virtualized sphere have the sense that we choose to have it, just as the philosopher Sartre claimed``…….first you choose….the choice We are responsible for what we are but obviously towards the others,our deeds will not succeed if we try to give birth to a human being as we would like to be as this thing will not have as a result the image desired by us. We are moving towards the evolution of humanity and the freedom to socialize virtually brought us closer to each other and through this approach we have revealed essential details about who we are, goals, interests that we have. I propse to answer within the vehemence of this article to the question: is there ,indeed, privacy on facebook? Confidentiality is a key component of freedom to be ourselves,to build healthy and appropriate relationships in a virtual community which this thing is appreciated and default me, as a user.


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