Health Education in Special High Schools for the Improvement of Dental Hygiene of Students in Arad County

  • Liviu GAVRILĂ-ARDELEAN West University Vasile Goldiș, Arad, Romania
  • Mihaela GAVRILĂ-ARDELEAN Aurel Vlaicu University, Arad, Romania
Keywords: dental hygiene, health education, students, special high schools, prevention


This research aims to highlight the importance of health education for dental hygiene of special high school students in Arad County. It was considered that health education for dental hygiene in special high schools would determine a decrease in medical consultation, which represents an improvement in the dental hygiene of students. The study sample comprises students of school age, from Arad County special high schools. The children have been dentally examined, and the following items were analyzed: cavity index on certain teeth and oral hygiene education level. Based on the analysis, the educational needs for dental hygiene in special high school students of Arad County, in the year 2016-2017, were assessed. Health education was taught to students during the school program. The health class lasted 30 minutes per classroom, distributed as follows: 10 minute explanation, 10 minute practical demonstration on plaster mold, and a 10 minute distribution of sanitary materials (toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental floss). Research data was processed with SPSS 17.0 and showed the statistically significant threshold of p < .01. The courses have had a beneficial effect on young people with special needs, causing them to be more careful about maintaining oral care and hygiene. Conclusions: It has been found that after oral hygiene education, the dental health of special school population was improved.


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