Social Adjustment in Organizational Environment

  • Mariana Floricica CĂLIN Senior Lecturer PhD., University Ovidius of Constanta, Constanta, Romania
Keywords: psychosocial adaptability, work satisfaction, organizational civic behavior


Problem statement. Professional activity is a personal expression of the person, a dimension of existence of each person, a measure of our place in society. Purpose of study is the identification of the way that psycho-social adaptability influences the individual from the point of view of integration in the professional activity, the latter one being a basic dimension of any individual’s existence, leading to professional success. Research methods: The research was based on three surveys that have aimed to identify the psychosocial adaptability, work satisfaction and organizational civic behavior level. Respondents were instructed to complete the questionnaires appropriately to situations most frequently encountered in everyday life. Findings. To validate the three hypothesis we used independent samples t test for independent samples and correlations between psychosocial adaptability, work satisfaction, and organizational civic behavior of 50 people aged between 30 and 59 years. Conclusions. Flexibility, the ability to schedule a task, the ability to harness previous experience, capability to restructure the work style in the event of a failure, all of them are psychosocial traits of adaptability.



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