Frequent Mistakes in Romanian Management Practice

  • Valeriu Deciu Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Doctoral School for Economics and Business Administration, Iasi, Romania
Keywords: Managerial mistakes; management tools; Romanian managers; business culture; organizational behaviour.


Throughout the past two decades, Romanian society and economy underwent some profound transformations in their attempt to assimilate modern business concepts and instruments. One such concept is that of the modern management encompassing its entire theory, practice and the available range of tools proved as viable in the western marketplace and imported from economically developed countries. Are these instruments fail-proof even in their countries of origin? Should these be customized for a certain market or there is a standard implementation mode that guarantees their success? Are there any typical mistakes that can be identified only for Romanian managers or there is a certain universal pattern of such managerial mistakes? If some of the typical managerial mistakes have greater occurrence in Romanian managerial practice what are the reasons thereof?  Are there particular social, cultural or historical attributes that can be considered as influential factors in this respect? Starting from the theoretical background provided by reputed specialists, we try to identify and classify managerial mistakes currently observed in Romania according to their importance and occurrence by means of analysing specific magazines, journals and interviews available online. By interpreting the data obtained we try to find answers to the questions hereabove enunciated and provide the Romanian managers with a useful self-assessing scale of values, a “mirror” depicting their most common psychological traits.


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