The Relationship between Adolescents’ Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

  • Emil LAZĂR PhD Lecturer, Teacher Training Department, University of Craiova, Romania
Keywords: intelligences, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, adolescents


The human personality presupposes the existence of common constitutive factors, which are allowing a description and classification unit in this view of human beings that define the personality of each human subject in hand [2] the basic characteristics remain relatively constant over time and independent of context and place in which the person acts. It can easily notice that most of the papers fail attention about spiritual intelligence considering no more than a syncretistic approach and vision. Literature dealing with emotional intelligence includes numerous empirical evidence related to "meetings" between the emotional and social functioning and school environment. This paper aims is to answer the interrogation related to the relationship between emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence in adolescent’s high school, pursuing educational and other aspects influenced by the consequences of this relationship (behaviours, school adjustment).


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