Institutions of Central Government. Substantiation of Their Activity in Romania

  • Oana Elena LENŢA “Ștefan cel Mare” University, Suceava, Romania
  • Anca CIURSĂ Social worker, Suceava/Iasi, Romania
Keywords: Social dynamics, administration, efficiency, proficiency


Regardless of the form of organization of the state, in order to reach a certain level of development and cohesion, this one must have a well consolidated administration. Central and local governance represent subsystems of the global social system, and the identification of the relationship between the public governance and the other components of the social system enable the outlining and understanding of the mission of the public governance. A dynamic governance is generated by the social, economic and political dynamics, therefore, in the present paper, we will focus on the fact that the administration and, in particular, public governance represents an overall complex that must comply with requirements of the society and of the citizen. The paper will be presented in the form of a dictionary term in which it underlines exclusively the conceptual framework, namely in legal, economic, political, social terms, etc., the mode of organization, the characteristics and functions, the principles and performance criteria in order to outline an overview with regard to the importance and the need for a coherent organisation. In conclusion we will also present some considerations upon the bureaucratic apparatus in Romania in order to suggest some potential ways to improve it.


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