Verbal Clichés and Their Use in Everyday Speech – a Few Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic Considerations

  • Cipriana-Elena PEICA Assistant Lecturer,Faculty of Letters, Babeş–Bolyai University of Cluj–Napoca, Romania
Keywords: linguistic clichés, wooden language, syntactic, pragmatic, everyday speech


The complexity of the human language manifested through the multiple forms of transmitting a message in a communication was, is and will be perceived by the speakers of a language, but at the same time it was, is and will be studied by linguists in general, and by pragmatists in particular. The major differences between what is said through a linguistic material and what is actually intended to be conveyed, and the countless ways in which this can be achieved are a rich study material. Linguistic ambiguities in daily conversations are also created due to verbal clichés which are so widely used in daily, political, and media discourse. In this paper, we will refer both to meaning, context and ambiguity, the three essential elements for the creation, conveyance, reception and especially interpretation of a message, and to the importance of the semantic, morphological, syntactic and pragmatic features in the formulation of verbal clichés, in the formation of the wooden language.


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