Role – Play And The Development Of Intercultural Competences In The Academic Education Process

  • Carmen ALEXANDRACHE University "Dunărea de Jos" of Galati, ROMANIA
Keywords: education, communication, intercultural, learning academic, culture


Problem Statement: In the context of intensification of the globalization and increase of the immigration process, the issue of intercultural communication has been generated many discussions and polemics which continue today. Generally, in the academic educational system the intercultural dialog is not presented as a distingue task because the accent of educational process is put on the specialization knowledge. Our paper present several problems like as: what can we do when in the university the students are from many different countries? What we do for their social, professional and cultural integration? What we need to do for their academic preparing, their learning process. How we encourage the communication, the relationship between the students, in especially with foreign students?

Purpose of Study: Our study starts from the premise that the better integration of the foreign students can be realized in the university if the intercultural competences are developed. In this ration, the professors have to prepare the activities focused on this perspective too. The paper proposes some practical educational solutions. Using the role-play like a learning method is one of them.

Research Methods: Our paper is based on the observations which made during the activities with students and the results of literature of social and human sciences, also.

Findings: The paper proposes some methodological aspects for develop the intercultural competences, in especially the communication competences and behavior We studied the Romanian curricula and we selected the best didactical ways to apply our observations in academic educational system.


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