The Role of Active-Participative Methods in the Teaching and Learning of Morphology in Primary School

  • Cristina Loredana BLOJU Associate Professor, University of Pitesti, Pitesti, Romania
Keywords: active -participative methods, morphology, primary education


The changes both at the content level and also at the dynamics of teaching and learning concepts related to Romanian language activities involves also the improvement of the methods and learning processes seen as general ways of organizing the knowledge content, depending on the objectives, on the type of lesson, on the nature of the education and on the age of children. Once with the development of education, the methods also experienced improvements and revaluations, progress and diversification, by referring constantly to both teachers(what the teacher makes and how he proceeds, in relation to students who he instructs and educates), and also at students (the student being subject and object of the educational process).The educational processes came nearby methods. They have allowed a rapid transition from one activity to another, have stimulated the affirmation and development of initiative and innovation, making the class activity more dynamic and more attractive.This paper makes a survey of active-participative methods in terms of theory, having also a few examples detached from the lessons of Romanian language, more exactly those that cover the elements of morphology. And to distinguish the methods used by primary teachers in teaching, learning and consolidation of morphology notions, was appealed the focus group technique by discussions with the teachers from primary school. After analyzing the questionnaires proposed to the target group members were found the methods used, especially in the teaching-learning concepts of morphology.


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