Communication Skill Formation at Mentally Disabled Children

  • Margareta CÎRLIGEANU PhD., “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University Chișinău
Keywords: communication, skill, students with mental disabilities


Communicative skill formation at mentally disable students becomes possible to be achieved be teaching/learning/assessment of disciplines and solicits on one hand, formation of capacities, skills, habits, abilities, attitudes at didactic process level, and on the other side, developing the relational behaviours, in this way, students' integration in a modern society. From this perspective the communication skill formation at mentally disabled students that have become an objective of theoretical and praxiologic studies, the actuality of the research being confirmed by the necessity of components specification and elaboration of a methodological step of didactic communicative skill formation. The main approached directions in the research from the didactic communication domain in general, of communication skills at mentally disabled students especially, target the communicative behaviour formation by diverse strategies of educational interaction. This situation generates the research problem that consists in identification the components of communication skill in the context of modern educational concept of the pre-university education reform and of theoretical-experimental markers of communicative skill formation in the didactic communication skill.Among the main objectives of research we enumerate: determining the theoretical markers of didactic communication skill concept; elaboration of communication skill model at mentally disabled students and the formation aims for the communication skill; elaboration of curricular step of didactic communication skill formation at mentally disabled students. The research methodology will include pedagogical methods (scientific documentation, observation, sounding, mentally disabled students' products from their activities, comparison, observation charts).


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