Social - Human Positivity in the Context of Parental Education of the Small Age School Children

  • Maria-Livia GÂRŢU PhD student, "Ion Creangă" State Pedagogical University, Chişinău /Primary School Teacher, "Mihail Andrei" Secondary School of Buhusi, Bacau, Romania
Keywords: happiness, subjective wellbeing, family, socio-human positivity, parental competence


This article proposes a synthesis of the main concepts necessary for the process of defining and analyzing the parental education of young school age children, in the context of forming socio-human positiveness. It reflects at an operational level the capacity of forming and developing interpersonal relationships, based on trust. The influences that the family exerts upon children can manifest either directly, through more or less guided actions, or indirectly, through models of behaviour offered by family members, as well as through the psycho-social climate existent in the family.



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