Society's Requirements for Counseling Psychologists’ Professionalism

  • Tetiana KANIVETS YuriyFed`kovychChernivtsiNational University
Keywords: students, education, diagnosing, social role


The relatively young age of the profession means that its mission, objectives, standards and social role are still in the process of development. Due to the fact that each human is unique, counselors should help their clients live their lives and fully enjoy living, thus helping them to remain in good physical and mental health. We conducted a sociological survey among students to find out their requirements for the professional level of modern counseling psychologists. Because of numerous social and economic challenges, modern society is in great need of counselors who, in their turn, should meet the unique needs of their clients Being aware of the general laws of human functioning, counselors teach clients to live and enjoy living, as there is a strong link between individuals' physical and mental health. However, to be efficient counselors need to know and meet the social requirements for modern psychologists. The author discusses the requirements of society for counselors’ professionalism which should be developed during their university training.



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