The Professionalisation of the Trainers of Trainers For Education

  • Emil LAZĂR PhD Lecturer, University of Craiova, Teachers Training Department
  • Elena-Nicoleta MIRCEA PhD Lecturer, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Teacher Training Department
Keywords: trainer of trainers, professionalisation, occupational standard, standard of qualifications.


The education and training domain in Romania becomes today more dynamic and complex, corallated permanently to the measurements of european change. Both in the training of the adults and in the domain of training the faculty/teaching staff enters an important key – the trainer and the trainer of trainers. In the european sector of continuous education and adults, it experiences even more the need of standard terms of reference, a professional standard, adapted at an european scale, which will base the occupying profile and the qualifications of the trainer and trainer of trainers. It is about an unitary exemple, which will determine, in the last analsys, the professionalisation of the trainer in education. The tendency these days is to professionalise the two occupations, to state in accordance to a valid, operational and actual legislation. The problem identified in the borders of the current endeavour focuses, therefore, on the process of professionalisation of the trainer and the trainer of trainers in education.


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