Psychological Variables Involved in Social Behavior

  • Mihaela PĂIŞI LĂZĂRESCU Associate professor PhD, Departament of Educational Sciences, University of Piteşti, Piteşti, România
Keywords: moral autonomy, fear of punishment, respect, moral duty, contractual morality, moral nonconformity


The rational thinking with moral character, like the intellectual one, go through stages of development, the two processes beeing inseparable. The stages must be crossed in succession, as each of them is based on previously developed reasoning. Development of moral reasoning differs from person to person and it is not always supporting a moral behavior.In the investigation of the level of internalization of moral rules and norms by adolescents were considered as variables the chronological age, intellectual level, gender, residence and personality traits and were used as methods:  Personality Questionnaire HSPQ -14 PF - (to identify the personality factors), Raven Progressive Matrices (for setting QI) and a situational questionnaire developed by us in witch we identified manifestations of moral character among adolescents at this specific age of their life.The analysis of moral behavior had the morality of obedience and submission guidelines, good relations morality, public order and morality duty  and contractual morality (civic engagement). The research results reveal correlations that might exist between chronological age phenomenon of moral and intellectual level, sex, residence and certain personality factors.Our research concluded the fact that at the adolescents the level of moral reasoning is higher than that of moral behavior, in the meaning that even knows how it should proceed teen act differently, being influenced by emotions, personality traits, socio - cultural behaviors earlier etc.


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