Methods, Techniques and Sales Strategies

  • Cristina Gabriela Vasciuc (Săndulescu) Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania
  • Dumitru Săndulescu Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania
  • Otilia Crăciun (Radu) Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania, România
Keywords: Sales, goods production, organization, profit, strategies


The economic life implies the existence of the actors who have to satisfy their own needs, expectations, this presupposing the appearance of the choices that they must make from the multitude of products or services on the market.

Since ancient times, the sale has been made for a better living, so Thales is the first wise, Solon the second founder of Athens and the mathematician Hippocrates, who were traders. Plato, the divine, sold oil, and Baruch Spinoza, philosopher, polished mirrors. Therefore, sales forces play an important role, which, through their strategies, can make a significant contribution to achieving the general and specific objectives. The art of selling tips the balance of success and failure, the relationship between the seller and the client, ending with win-win situation for both parties.

Author Biographies

Cristina Gabriela Vasciuc (Săndulescu), Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania

Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania

Dumitru Săndulescu, Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania

Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania

Otilia Crăciun (Radu), Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania, România

Valahia University of Târgoviște, Romania, România


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