Ethics in Cyberspace – Dangers and Threats

  • Denisa-Atena Costovici (Mema) National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
Keywords: cyber threats, cyber-attack, cybercrime, security, cyberspace


Rapid technology development and easy access to virtual space was directly proportional to the proliferation of multiple categories of network users and consumers. This contemporary reality has contributed to the emergence of the illusion of unrestricted accessibility of the online environment and the permissiveness of expression “no matter what”. The cyberspace draws a thin line between freedom of expression and violation of behavioural norms toward others. In order to mitigate the behaviours that transcend ethical boundaries, a series of basic conditions of use and restrictions have been legislated (mainly crimes related to threats and illegal content shared in the virtual world) which do not include all the situations encountered in practice. Given the cyberspace dimension, prevalent in most civilized areas of the planet, as a means and method of intercultural communication, ethical standards should be standardized and applied uniformly. This research paper is an attempt to objectively address the issues of standards and ethical values on the Web, with reference to cyber terrorism, groups of organized crime, hacktivism and states’ implication and responsibility. The main hypothesis of the research emphasizes that the information society requires the creation and enforcement of new laws, because it coexists in a completely new environment - the Network. Referring to the Network links, it is a fact that it cannot be kept safer against unauthorized access, without the application of adequate security measures and techniques. This research paper aims to shed the light on the dangers and threats that challenges the information society thought cyberspace.


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