Some Aspects Regarding Personality of Teachers who Attend Different Non-formal Continues Training Programs

  • Valentin Cosmin Blândul University of Oradea, Romania
Keywords: continues professional training, non-formal education, personal development, socio-professional profile, teacher’s personality


Being an effective teacher today in Romania is one of the most noble but, at the same time, more complex professions. The beauty of teaching is given by helping children and young people acquire the knowledge they will need in life and to develop a harmonious and creative personality that will enable them to successfully integrate into the world in which they live. Therefore, attending different programs of continuous professional training is not only an obligation, but also a duty of a self-respecting professor, he respects his profession, but also his students. Forms of training and continuing vocational training providers are numerous, so that the teachers concerned have a variety of choices. That why, in the present paper, we will planning to analyze some of the opportunities Romanian teachers have to improve in their specialty and also a possible socio-professional profile of those interested in the field.

Author Biography

Valentin Cosmin Blândul, University of Oradea, Romania

University of Oradea, Romania



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