Strategic Development Model in the Era of Globalization

Case Study: Purcari Wineries Public Company Limited

  • Mihaela BIRSAN Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava
Keywords: Globalization; growth opportunities; international strategies; business management; partnerships; performance; wine industry.


To succeed in this new era, companies must take a more nuanced approach to identifying and creating growth opportunities. Globalization involves economic and industry integration with the rest of the world, removing restrictions on imports and foreign investment. Many firms go global and orient themselves more and more internationally,  making firms’ search for foreign market opportunities necessary in order to survive in this era of globalization.

And more important to these  firms  it has need to adopt strategic decisions to try to succeed in international markets.

For the company we are studying the questions are: What factors determine entrepreneurial decision-making in the process of internationalization? What kind of strategies the firms need to formulate while going international? Did the strategies implemented make the company more profitable one?


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