A Bibliometric Mapping of Innovative Entrepreneurship

  • Ancuţa Lucaci PhD Student, Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava
  • Mihaela Sarafescu PhD Student, Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava, Romania
Keywords: Bibliometric mapping, innovative entrepreneurship, co-authorship analysis, citation analysis, co-occurrence analysis


The new global economy requires innovative businesses that can respond to all major challenges around the world. Innovative Entrepreneurship is an active field of research since innovation is nowadays crucial for the development of any business in the world. Policymakers are also focusing their attention on innovation in business because Innovative Entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth and job creation. To create an environment that supports Innovative Entrepreneurship it is appropriate to provide access to knowledge, labour, finance, and specific policies and regulations. Innovative Entrepreneurship has a new role in the economic development of any country that is interested in creating a competitive business environment. This paper aims to identify the most relevant research concerning Innovative Entrepreneurship and realize a bibliometric mapping of the information gathered during the investigation. To perform the bibliometric analysis was used a Scopus database which included articles related to Innovative Entrepreneurship. The processing of data has been carried out using VOSviewer, an effective tool for the visualization of bibliometric networks. The bibliometric mapping included multiple analysis such as co-authorship, citation, and co-occurrence. The results of this research can be a basis for present and future researchers who are operating in the field of entrepreneurship and who intend to investigate more thoroughly the importance of innovation for business development. Another important issue to be investigated is the development of innovative business models that can strengthen the business environment.


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