Trends in Medical Tourism in the Context of Globalization

  • Gabriela-Liliana CIOBAN Faculty of Economic and Public Administration, Suceava, Romania
  • Costel-Ioan CIOBAN Faculty of Economic and Public Administration, Suceava, Romania
  • Alexandru-Mircea NEDELEA Faculty of Economic and Public Administration, Suceava, Romania
Keywords: Medical tourism; treatments; medical services; tourist packages; the medical tourism market; quality of medical services.


Medical tourism is a phenomenon that has been manifested for thousands of years and is now defined by the need of patients from the developed countries to obtain care and medical services combined with certain tourist facilities. Specialty literature emphasizes that this concept is used to designate a journey whose motivation involves a medical procedure or activities that promote the physical and mental well-being of man. The growing presence of patients from the high-income countries in countries with emerging economies and developing economies is explained by the fact that these countries provide high-quality medical services at low costs (a phenomenon known as medical outsourcing). Increasing the flow of patients seeking treatments abroad is a global phenomenon, linked to economic development that generates income growth and education. Tourism is and must become a profitable business, we must struggle with us and with the competition of other international tourism operators to promote our national values and also to gain a recognized position and increase our profits.The medical tourism market is growing worldwide, and it is estimated at around $ 100 billion. This study attempts to highlight a conceptual analysis of medical tourism, the trends of medical tourism flows possible development strategies of medical tourism, the medical tourism market, the implications of medical tourism on the economy and health systems, as well as the problems faced by medical tourism.


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