The Leading Woman in the Knowledge-Based Economy

  • Diana Elena Zaharia (Ştefănescu) “Valahia” University of Târgoviste
  • Bogdan Ștefănescu “Valahia” University of Târgoviste
Keywords: leadership, woman leader, organizational culture and climate, organizational performance


This scientific approach takes into account the analysis of the leadership type, present in the Romanian cultural institutions in terms of identifying the opinion and attitude of the members of the organizations towards the management, as well as the level of their involvement in the accomplishment of the management act, considering that these are important elements that ensure the achievement of the organization's objectives. The research methods used are the following: Observation and analysis of documents and quantitative analysis based on questionnaires.

Research Question: Is women accepted as a leader in the contemporary knowledge-based economy?

Research hypothesis: Does the gender of the leader influence the organizational performance of cultural institutions in Romania?

Purpose of the research: To make a comparison between leadership styles related to gender differences.

Author Biographies

Diana Elena Zaharia (Ştefănescu), “Valahia” University of Târgoviste

 Phd., “Valahia” University of Târgoviste

Bogdan Ștefănescu, “Valahia” University of Târgoviste

Phd. Student, “Valahia” University of Târgoviste


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