Analysis of Public Debt Sustainability in EU Countries

  • Anișoara Niculina APETRI Stefan cel Mare University, Suceava, România
Keywords: Debt; public debt; debt sustainability. Debt; public debt; debt sustainability.


Public debt is a topical issue facing many countries. Public debt has been and continues to be the subject of discussions on the need to identify new instruments to finance the general needs of society and to diversify current instruments for the procurement of public financial resources in addition to those foreseen in the consolidated general budget. Rising public debt may be sustainable insofar as the direction in which that debt is going is somewhat productive and allows for the reimbursement of that extra burden.

The present study aims to present some considerations regarding the evolution of Romania's public debt, as this is a rather serious problem and a challenge facing our country at present. The research is based on a study on the public debt of Romania, a study that also follows the comparative approach of the evolution of public debt in Romania in relation to the public debt registered by other EU states.


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