Heritage without heirs or when the soul of the houses takes the path of migration. A reflection on the abandoned houses of Bukovina

  • Paul-Panfil Ivan
Keywords: Heritage, migration, population, Bukovina


As part of the European Union the definition of migration has changed: we can no longer talk about immigrants and emigrants across the EU as long as it is a home for all its citizens. We don’t emigrate or immigrate to the EU anymore; we just migrate or travel. Practically we take a walk into a giant and multicultural familiar space.

There is no doubt that Romania's presence within the European Union has positively influenced the economic and social development of our country but, in the meantime, the phenomenon of migration has expanded a lot over the last 30 years for Romania, the main reason for leaving being the financial gain that cannot be earned in the home country. Migration has resulted, globally, in the decrease of the population and the loss of a significant volume of labour, including highly qualified.


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