Effects of Basketball Practice on Developing Distributive Attention

  • Ionela Cristina NAE Lecturer PHD, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
Keywords: distributive attention, basketball, representative teams


Via the nature of its rules, basketball is both a way for physical training as well as a sports branch which contributes to coordination movement, forming a rapid adaption method to everyday life and inclusion in society. Practicing basketball helps athletes develop their personalities by enhancing thought and decision making speed followed putting everything into action. In this game, distributive attention is the capacity of simultaneously figure out multiple information packages. It can be achieved when exercises are automated and all the info known. Attention distribution is a quality which can be transferred to everyday life bringing important benefits. Objectives. By the means of this study we aim to highlight that through basketball we can really contribute to developing distributive attention. Methods. Research was conducted on 12 female students, aged 20-23, all being members of the Bucharest Economic Studies Academy basketball representative team. The experimental batch was tested using the “Prague test” in two testing moments - T1 and T2 (October 2016 - May 2017). This research was done for 28 weeks (the length of a university study cycle). Results. The “Prague test” revealed significant results for the experimental batch on their final evaluation on 3 out of 4 testing moments and also in total correct answers. In minutes 4,8 and 16, as well as in the number of correct answers, with the help of t testing, p recorded values smaller than 0.05, which confirmed the research hypothesis. Conclusions. By analyzing all scientific data the researchers managed to confirm the study hypothesis, meaning distributive attention can be improved via basketball specific exercises.


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