Urban Regeneration and Its Challenges in Romania

  • Anna Maria Vasile PhD., National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kiritescu” (INCE), Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
Keywords: public policies for urban regeneration, economic development, integrated development for SME's


Urban regeneration defines the actions to convert old areas into new functional and spatial sustainable forms by attracting new activities, new commerce’s, renovate urban infrastructure, upgrade the urban environment and transform the social structure [9].

The integrated urban regeneration operation involves an intervention at the urban level that intend according to the Toledo Declaration on Urban Development, to optimize, conserve and revalue the entire existing urban capital (social, built environment, heritage, etc.), compared to other forms of intervention in which, in all this urban capital, only the value of the land is prioritized and preserved by traumatic demolition and by replacing the entire urban and - most lamentably - social capital [11].

In order to be able to develop the studied area from all points of view, efforts must be made on all levels on which it has been agreed to implement actions, in order to achieve the proposed results.

Thus, in order to be able to develop the area economically, efforts must be made to adapt the commercial facilities for the new population concentrations. The authors defined in the paper, the concept of commercial urbanism which means all the efforts and means put in place by architects, urban planners, economists to adapt trade to new living conditions, new concentrations of population.

Author Biography

Anna Maria Vasile, PhD., National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kiritescu” (INCE), Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania

PhD., National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kiritescu” (INCE), Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania


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