Considerations on the Infringement Procedure against Romania

  • Crina Mihaela Verga Lecturer Ph.D., "George Bacovia" University of Bacau, "Al. I.Cuza" University of Iasi
Keywords: infringement, European Union, the states' practice, Romania


This paper is a study of the infringement procedure, as it is regulated at EU level. Thus, we first analyze the existing legal framework on the matter. The implementation of this procedure in various Member States of the European Union and its consequences are then presented. Last but not least, the article refers to a series of aspects regarding the fields in which the procedure was directed against Romaniasince its integration into the EU.

The purpose of the essay is to present in detail Romania's situation regarding the violation of EU’s law.Thus, a comparative presentationthroughout time of the number of such proceedings launched against the Romanian state was made.A relevant case in which Romania was tried and convicted was also presented in detail.The large number of cases launched in 2021 highlights the delays registered by Romania on the matter.

The measures ordered by the Romanian government through the elaborated the Annual Transposition Plan-2021must be carefully and systematically implemented. Romania could also consider and effectively apply the examples of good practice from the other EU’smember states.

The historical and the comparative methods used in this presentation revealboth the similarities between the application of this procedure in the EU Member States under review as well as the differencesand its succession in time.

The article is important not only for the scientists, but also for the practitionersto dispose all the necessary measures that are required.


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