The Effect of Management and Marketing on the Dynamics of the Number of Legitimate Athletes from the Romanian Handball and Basketball Federations

  • Corneliu Miron PhD student, State University of Physical Education and Sports Chisinau
  • Marin Chirazi Professor PhD, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Keywords: sports education, sports federations, legitimate athletes, sports management and marketing, social policies


The research follows the evolution of the number of legitimate athletes, of the number of coaches and of the number of departments (clubs) within two sports federations: the Romanian Basketball Federation and the Romanian Handball Federation. The statistics show a different dynamic regarding the number of legitimate athletes in the period 1992-2019, the study making a comparison between the two federations in terms of management programmes and the impact thereof on the dynamics of the number of athletes, coaches and number of departments.

The research started from the hypothesis that the type of management and marketing applied at the federation level is very important because it directly influenced the existence of the number of clubs, coaches and implicitly the number of legitimate athletes, in the context in which both federations are national structures under the control of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and funded from a single source, to a large extent. The data were collected from the National Institute of Statistics of Romania, from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and from the website of the two Federations. The study refers to certain differences in the application of management and marketing strategies and the evolution of the 2 federations. The research also offers some explanations from a social, economic and political perspective of the dynamics of the compared parameters.


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