Correlations Between Agility, Speed And Effort Capacity In Women's Soccer, Handball And Rugby

  • Florin Nichifor PhD, Lecturer, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University”
  • Petruț-Florin Trofin PhD, Lecturer, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University
  • Florentina-Petruța Martinaș Assist. doctoral, ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University
Keywords: performance, effort capacity, speed, team sports, agility


In team sports, the essential factors in achieving performance are represented by speed and agility, expressed in conditions of high intensity and high volume. The aim of this study is to analyze the relationships between speed, agility and effort in women's soccer, rugby and handball. At the same time, we want to compare these parameters in order to determine the profile for each discipline. The research analyzed 49 performance women athletes from the first leagues of Romania, divided into 3 groups: soccer, rugby and handball. To evaluate the speed we applied the 10 m test. Agility was assessed using samples 505 and 1001. Anaerobic effort capacity was assessed by the 8x10 + 10m and aerobic effort capacity by the VAM-Eval test. The Pearson correlation showed a direct relationship between 505 and 1001, for all groups. Significant correlations were shown between speed and agility, the effort capacity being also involved in the detected interferences.


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