Accounting and Tax Perspectives Regarding the International Road Traffic of Goods Activity

  • Florin BOGHEAN University Stefan cel Mare, Suceava, Romania
  • Marius BLANARIU SC Expertconta SRL, Suceava
Keywords: Road traffic of goods; taxation; accounting treatment.


At present, the significant problems faced by most economic agents are represented by the large amount of complex legislation, which is difficult to understand and apply, interpretable and sometimes contradictory to other laws. This is true for companies working in the field of international road transport of goods, a distinct field in Romania which is characterized by a period of growth that has accounted for 3.5% of the registered number of employees in the economy. In the paper I presented a series of additional information on the completion of individual labor contracts in order to obtain a favorable opinion in the case of an inspection carried out by the Labor Inspection Authority (LIA) supervisory bodies, the obligations and problems resulting from the Minimum Wage Law in Germany. I also proposed an alternative solution with a reduced tax burden for applying the provisions of the MiLoG Law. Regarding the research on the evolution of the transport activity this was done for the period 2010-2017 based on the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and the Ministry of Public Finance.


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BOGHEAN, F., & BLANARIU, M. (2018). Accounting and Tax Perspectives Regarding the International Road Traffic of Goods Activity. LUMEN Proceedings, 6(1), 320-331.