Development of the Entrepreneurial Spirit among Future Employees – Necessary Requirement for a Sustainable Local Development

  • Antoaneta Roxana Surcel (Georgescu) Valahia University, Târgovişte, Romania
  • Constanța Popescu Valahia University, Târgovişte, Romania
Keywords: sustainable local development, critical thinking, initiative, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit


The development of the entrepreneurial spirit among future employees is extremely important for a sustainable development. The creativity, the sense of initiative and the entrepreneurial spirit will help the current graduate, future employee, to develop their critical thinking, to be creative, innovate in their field of activity, be productive, flexible and autonomous and also capable to manage a project, within the limits of their skills. This research introduces the most important results concerning the entrepreneurial spirit among future employees for a better integration on the labor market and a significant contribution to the sustainable local development. The data were collected through a questionnaire applied on a representative sample of teachers in the pre-university education who carry out their activity in theoretical, technology and vocational high schools in the county. They served in outlining an overview on the impact that development of the entrepreneurial spirit has on the prospects of sustainable local development through current graduates, future employees. Regardless of their level of education, the teaching staff represents the main transmitter of training and development of the entrepreneurial spirit within the lifelong learning cycle.


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